Ideas for an Easier Morning


The morning – especially that quiet segment between when I awake and when others do – is like a sacred time of renewal, meditation, much needed prayer, and finally… creativity.  According to a study done by PHD, a media planning agency, 69% of women say they feel their least attractive when they wake up in the morning.*  I don’t know about you, but I definitely believe everyone’s morning would go easier, and feel happier if we didn’t collectively feel so yuck in these precious morning hours.

Here are some tips of my own, along with points taken from Allure’s July 2014 issue article, Rise & Shine:

  • Use a coffee timer   –   seriously, no other single device will make your morning more beautiful than being able to walk over to a brewing pot of coffee, the aroma itself is enough to pull me out of bed at an unwholesome hour.  If you don’t do coffee, or do instant tea (my best friend loves her Green Tea in the morning), taking the extra effort to just ensure that everything is organized and in its place is enough to make the process easier, and even pleasurable.
  • Leisurely Plan Your Outfit   –   Savannah Guthrie, a Today co-anchor, says she forces herself to think about what she’s going to wear for the day while in the shower, so that by the time she gets out she knows exactly what she’s going to put on.*
  • Use a tongue scraper   –   nothing works better to get your mouth feeling really clean… and if you’re like me, you don’t feel as though your morning is complete without your mouth feeling beautifully fresh.
  • Wear easy morning makeup   –   After a quick wash with an alpha-hydroxyl toner, use a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, along with cream concealer to dab with your finger under your eyes & along the ridge of your nose & sides of your nostrils.  A cream blush can double as color on your cheeks as well as naturally tinted looking lips.  Allure’s article also suggests a soft pencil eyeliner (that smudges for you), mascara, and a sharp eyebrow pencil to really make your eyes morning ready.
  • Hair   –   showering the night before gives you the option of having clean, ready to go hair in the morning, and taking an extra step or two right before sleep will save time and energy as well as give you that morning-goddess feeling.  Use leave-in conditioner on the bottom-half sections of your hair and braid in one or two braids to sleep in for soft, naturally wavy-looking, ready to go morning hair.





*Points from Rise & Shine by Danielle Pergament in Allure July 2014 issue


2 thoughts on “Ideas for an Easier Morning

  1. I love my mornings—always did. As a kid, I never just stayed in bed. I wanted some action as a kid and afraid I would miss something.

    I still get up at 5 am or sooner. Sometimes I get dressed, but since I am retired don’t most of the time. I do my annual Bible reading and prayer journal. Then I check out emails.

    I have a timer coffee pot. When I forget to set it (lol) I might actually say a bad word under my breath. My wife does not allow me to swear.

    I think your rules for gals are great. I had two daughters—the one who got up early, got dressed seemed to do better in the morning. She went on to be a model and then insurance gal. lol I am very proud of her.

    Very good post today.

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