Pregnant Mommy


I’m delighted (and a little nauseous) to inform you readers that I’m pregnant again (between 11 & 12 weeks).  It’s been weird honestly, to be pregnant so soon after having a miscarriage; dealing with all the emotions of losing one, and then suddenly supposed to be elated only a few weeks afterward was a hard switch for me.  I was almost scared to be pregnant again, and it took a while for me to really want to acknowledge it to myself, in a way, like I was scared to actually want this baby.  But I’m glad to report that with the exhaustion and nausea slowly disappearing at this point, we are super happy.

The nausea has been amazingly awful LOL – with my son (who will be 4 years old this month – how did that happen???) I had nausea more in the second and third trimesters, but nothing like this 😉  This was pretty incredible, all-day-long morning sickness… coupled together nicely with extreme exhaustion.  I couldn’t seem to do anything, short of trying to eat, then vomit, or vomit for no reason, and sleep.  There was one day that I actually vomited 5 freaking times!!!!!  There was nothing left to get rid of – just stomach acid kept coming up (sorry!  So TMI)….

This baby packs a punch!

Anyway, so now that I can effectively pull myself off the couch, or bed, or um… toilet… I am stopping this break from blogging – I missed it so much 🙂

And now for pictures!!!!!!!!!

Baby at just around the time I lost the other one
Baby at just around the time I lost the other one (5-6 weeks).  It’s amazing to see how much the uterus has to grow – and how you can definitely see something in there in that short amount of time.

The baby between 9-10 weeks – look how radically different it looks!!! It wasn’t moving which of course, scared the crap out of me, but the Dr. said to wait a little longer, and we got to see it “wake up” and stretch, and move a little! So amazing that it just really is a little person being made in there.


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