Why Women Don’t Want Nice Husbands

After writing the article on why Women Don’t Want Nice Men, for singles, I decided that another article was needed in application to marriage, and exactly why women don’t really want to be married to “nice” husbands… or why they so often fall out of love with them.

Just like in the Single article, I want to point out that “nice” and “kind” are two different things; “Niceness exists because he feels he has to be that way, it’s forced and unnatural – women are not drawn to this.  Kindness is thoughtful and tender, it’s intentional, and much more of a turn-on.”

I explained in the Single article how Christianity in particular, often sets men up for failure in finding their true masculinity.  Men are told they have to be the spiritual leaders, but it’s clear that if they don’t go along with what their wife wants, they are being a bad, un-submissive husband. (Irony Much??)

Too many women won’t allow for their husbands to lead, to really trust them to make the right decisions for them, and relinquish their control.  It can be in the littlest things, such as letting your husband dress your children (not “correcting” him or making it a big deal if he gets your daughter’s dress on backwards), or help you around the house without criticizing how he does things.  But often it’s even in the big things, like letting your husband decide where your family will attend church (not forcing him to go to one he doesn’t feel right or comfortable in), or a particular Sunday school class, etc.  This problem can be so extensive to the degree that whatever the husband wants to lead his family into, he’s met with criticism and “suggestions,” to do things the wife’s way.  This is emasculation.

So women end up with emasculated husbands that eventually, are not even attractive to their wives anymore, even though they are the ones who partially set them up to be that way.  It’s a combination of our society and the effects of feminism crushing masculinity, as well as men being comfortable in this state of passiveness.  The issue is brought to light when the wife realizes that this isn’t what she wants.

The problem is that Jesus wasn’t just another “nice guy,” he was brave, kind, and caring, but full of strength, passion, and masculinity.  The masculinity of Christ is something you’ve probably never heard discussed in church, but it is there.

 Sometimes women unconsciously seek out men who are nice or passive, so that they won’t have constant fights over decisions – they subconsciously choose a man who won’t stand up to them, or challenge their point of view.  The problem with this is that these women never really gain respect for their husbands, and eventually, come to resent that they have to make the bulk of decisions, and carry a load bigger than a healthy marriage would allow.  They know it isn’t right, they know he should help more or be more engaged, but their very actions (and maybe his own natural temperament) puts the couple in a double bind.  How can it be fixed?

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about, it happens more often than you’d think, especially with our culture of man-hating, more and more women are falling into this trap of wanting to:

“Sarah and her husband have been married fifteen years.  She described marrying him because he was so nice.  I immediately came back with the suggestion that she made that choice because it put her in control.  Now she sees his being “nice” as “weak,” and is frustrated with his lack of helpfulness in disciplining the children.

SARAH: We talked about it and I told him that what I wanted from him is to help me. (a reasonable request right?  you’re supposed to be in an actual marriage)….

DR. LAURA: Except he never does it right, right?

SARAH: It’s not that he doesn’t do it right.  It’s that he doesn’t do anything at all.

DR. LAURA: Because when he does it you criticize him.  Whenever he tries something, in your eyes it is inadequate.  So now he just doesn’t get involved.  This is a vicious cycle.  I suggest you bot go into counseling.  The counselor will remind you to hush up and back off and only suggest something to him.  He has to move forward on his own and not complain about not having control when he refuses to take it – albeit under the difficult circumstances of you not being willing to either give up control or share it.  If he wants to be held in respect in your eyes and the children’s eyes, he is going to have to be more aggressive, which is not naturally his nature.  He can’t blame this all on you, either!  Now, I want you to watch yourself all week and observe yourself criticizing when he does exert control.  When you do that, he figures, why bother.

SARAH: Right, that is exactly right.

DR. LAURA: So even if he only does whatever sixty percent of thetime or sixty percent of how you’d like it, it’s better than zero.  You see, Sarah, it seems wonderful to be in control, but eventually you become overwhelmed and need help and want a partner.  For example, if Johnny intentionally threw the water into the shrub, go to your husband and say, “Can you please deal with that?” and then walk out of the room.  Don’t even watch it happen.  And then – this is the most important part – say, “Thank you.”

SARAH: Okay.”


(quoted excerpt from Dr. Laura’s The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands)

8 thoughts on “Why Women Don’t Want Nice Husbands

  1. I think you have hit on a very important truth here. Men have been emasculated and don’t know where they fit now. Over and over again I hear from women that their husbands don’t ever take the lead in “spiritual” things – perhaps it is because we don’t let them take the lead in anything…? thank you for this

  2. I strongly feel this was a factor that caused the eventual end of my first marriage. I was kind, especially after coming to the Lord, but I wouldn’t allow her to dominate me.
    At this time she is married to someone she fully dominates. So I fully agree with your topic

  3. Reblogged this on Notes Of Man and commented:
    I cannot help but reblog this woman’s perspective so you men can see for yourselves the reality and severity of our situation. I do not teach game or childish stupidity, that is for cowards and passive men. I do not teach peacocking and fluttering your wings to anyone. I prefer we all remain firm, controlled by our power, strong in body and mind. Yet with a hint of kindness. Listen to what she has to say, she is giving you the keys secretly to those who can understand.

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