Couples That Play Together… Stay Together


In our first year of marriage, we had a beautiful new LifeTime gym opening very close to where we lived, we both loved being active and so we thought it would be fun to workout together… and being the sparkly newly-weds in love that we were, we got our gym membership before it even opened.

I remember we would almost use it as a date-time escape, normal people sweating on their treadmills would look at us & probably think we were having way too much fun – or just too much in love.  I remember hearing that couples who play together, stay together, but it was just too wonderful of a feeling, having a hobby or playful fun with your hubby, to put into just a little tagline.

After we’d had our membership for a couple of months, we discovered that they routinely left the basketball gym open in the mornings, and it was so early that most people didn’t have time to use it.  It was just too tempting – we would play a one-on-one game, teasing each other, competing, and flirting the entire time.  Sometimes, my husband would use this time to try to help me shoot better – and it worked!  He really taught me how to shoot!

The romance of playing together like that, being physical and breaking a sweat together, teasing and flirting, it all grows you closer together in your marriage.  Like two plants whose roots are planted together, the more you nurture them in their “relationship,” the better they’ll grow, their growth being stronger because it’s together.

After awhile, I went back into school and our schedules changed so that we couldn’t work out regularly in the mornings together anymore, we still fit in some extra time in the evening or on the weekends to use the pools or squeeze in a missed workout, but our daily workouts together were gone.

Working out alone was all great and healthy, but it was really sad after having such a great partner to laugh with, and make the time go by so much faster.

I really can’t stress how much more fun it is to workout with your spouse.  Now we have to purposely find different hobbies or interests that we can participate in now that we have a child.  We’ve been thinking about getting a gym membership again (they do have childcare for young children)…  maybe those basketball courts will be waiting. 😉

4 thoughts on “Couples That Play Together… Stay Together

  1. My wife and I need to be doing this. We both need a big shot of fun and fitness in our lives and the feelings that come with working toward a shared goal.

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