A Heavenly Home to Go To

I’ve been doing some major Spring Cleaning in our house for the past couple of weeks, going through old storage boxes, throwing things away, putting aside things to sell at a garage sale, and reorganizing the insane mess we’ve made bringing all this stuff out in the first place. We’ve even decided to completely rearrange the garage while were at it – for good measure!  I don’t really like this kind of cleaning… where things get messier before they seem to get better, but I can see how necessary it is from time to time – even in organizing a closet or pantry (blog posts to come!) – it’s going to take some hard, unproductive looking work to bring everything out before carefully planning where to put it back in.

I honestly don’t work well in the midst of mess… even though the boxes are neatly sectioned off in their own little area, waiting to go back into the garage once we have that rearranged and cleaned out, it still bothers me that they are invading the space that used to be so serene.  It serves as a constant reminder that I haven’t finished a huge task yet. 

Our messy house got me thinking again of how great it is to have a peaceful, heavenly home to go to.  I miss the home I loved to look at, and curl up on the couch to enjoy being in.  The beautiful thing is that a house doesn’t have to be perfectly untouched and tidy to feel heavenly – a lot of the ambiance has to do with the people and attitude that fills it.  This got me wondering… does a messy house (for me) lead to a  messy attitude?  I truly think there’s a connection there, because I don’t feel my best when our house doesn’t have clarity and order. 

Here’s to Spring Cleaning… that we finish it fast before I go insane. 


One thought on “A Heavenly Home to Go To

  1. I always had a neat office, desk, and cadenza. I put every thing out of sight when I went home and left my next day ‘To Do’ list on my desk.

    When I first started managing, I spotted employees with messy desks and work areas and sort of got after them. Then in time I learned that some people do fine with that. They know where everything is and if someone cleaned and organized their area and desk they would be very frustrated trying to do their job.

    My hunch is that the living quarters in heaven will not be messy and nothing in need of Spring Cleaning. For example, when Jesus fed the 5,000 and 4,000 he had them pick up all the scrapes presumably for the people to take home. (first garage sale?) lol Jesus did not live in a house and seemed to live day by day as to food, clothing and shelter. No one has ever read of Jesus having a backpack. There were some gals that followed him around and presumable provided food at least. I am guessing.

    So in my opinion, heaven will be tidy and never in need of Spring Cleaning. (Also, there will be no global warming–that is for the other place)

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