The Terror Next Door


Our neighbor is the blonde one, the other was his cousin just visiting

I don’t know what the deal is with the Chihuahua breed.  We have the sweetest family next door, but every time their little house dog comes outside he feels he his responsible for barking as if we are heathens going to take over their property, and turn him into a chorizo sausage.  It’s pretty hilarious as we’ve tried different tactics to make peace with him….  Once I held out a beautiful yellow dandelion flower through a hole in the fence.



He ate it.

Maybe I should’ve tried bacon.

He barks as though he is a huge, terrifying dog – something fierce and to be feared!  Our two cats also find him amusing… they sit close by and quietly watch him foam at the mouth, barring his little teeth, and making the most ferocious bark he can muster.  They don’t even bat a kitty eyelash.

One time, my cat Ese, who is a lot like me, honestly, was a little closer to the fence than normal… and that dog was doing his usual barking that made his entire body lift off the ground.  The sound must’ve gotten to her, or maybe the vibrations from being too close to the sound source, but I saw her green eyes narrow, and her kitty paw lift up to strike him.  She let out a feline HISSSS that actually made the dog jump, stop momentarily, and then resume his routine.  Ese turned as if she knew she’d already spent too much effort for a cat, and walked back over to the patio where she relaxed for another nap.

Another time, the brick in the picture blocking the hole in the fence actually came down, more than likely from the vibrations of continual daily barking, and the little dog was free to explore our backyard.  I was just enjoying a cup of coffee and looking out the big windows to our patio, when I saw a tiny little yellow dog… only as big as a puppy!  I was excited… until I realized it was our Terror Next Door.  I have to admit, going out there to face him made me a little scared!  Would he really bite my ankles?  Was his bite as bad as his bark?  He certainly wasn’t a friendly dog by any means… thinking of the flower he ripped to shreds.

I mustered my courage to get outside and try to put him back, he was, after all, only the size of my foot… nothing to be scared of, I told myself.  I got outside, it was Quiet… the Terror Next Door was nowhere to be seen.  I looked around our yard carefully, afraid he might jump out at me from behind like a Ewok from Star Wars, and finally came to the conclusion that he must’ve found his way out.

I went back inside and tried to enjoy my coffee again… I looked out our front windows – it was such a beautiful morning.  And then I saw him, terrorizing the kids on their way to the bus stop!  Barking and barking, his little body lifting off the ground with every sound emitted… I knew I had to do something, he could get run over by one of the coffee-crazed workers, or worse, stolen by one of the children who merely looked at him and said, “AWWWWW.”  They didn’t know what I knew… they didn’t know what the little Terror was capable of!

I rushed outside not knowing how I’d round him up, but determined to get that dog back where he belonged, next door to us.  I came at him telling him to Go Home, and he barked his usual bark but backing away towards his house and front door.  I kept going forward, amused that he was actually afraid of me, the woman he barks at almost daily with ferocity!  I got him backed up all the way to the front door, and his owners came out – seriously the sweetest people!  They thanked me as I told them of his little adventure through our yard and on the street in front.  We laughed and I told him bye.

He growled.

Secretly I think he loves me… maybe I like him a little more than I thought, too.




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