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I feel like my mind has been elsewhere lately, not only daydreaming, but exhausted to the point of “zoning out.”  I’ve always been an 6-8 hour sleep a night kind of girl, and definitely still am.  Staying up several days in a row trying to complete things, and then trying to wake up at 5am is creating hilarious situations.  I think it finally culminated when I destroyed a couple of our dishes this week when trying to make simple applesauce.  It was another experience of filling the house with smoke, and my son asking if we could go to his favorite fast food restaurant (even though we’d already eaten).  So last night I instigated a marvelous change & relaxed in a hot bath and ate some dark chocolate.

It got me thinking how being sensual – I’m not meaning sexual – and enjoying what you experience through your senses really is the key to being “mindful.”  Being in the moment, whether it’s to listen to someone you love talking to, soul-stirring music, or the sound of nature right out of your door.  Enjoying food – really enjoying it, is simply a practice in being mindful.  Or seeing beauty, and really being able to take it in.


Here are some inspiring photos & things to get you in the moment:

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy


And I’d love to sleep in this bed… (the Royal Suite at the Four Seasons in Paris, France)


The contrast of the heat and ice when viewing this photo of volcanic eruptions on Iceland

volcanoes on iceland

Beautiful shores of Switzerland


Delicious Cheesecake dessert



And a clip of Jimmy Fallon (seriously love how funny he is) doing a show with Tom Cruise – Egg Roulette:

And some beautiful music that transports you into a different realm – beautiful relaxing music for early morning or night, or to relax a moment at your desk:


One thought on “Inspiration

  1. My wife and I were never sensual, but we had three children. lol I was a hard headed businessman and she was an assertive controller–not fodder for sensual as you defined it.

    Loved your photos–wonderful.

    I got in to a rage only once in my life at age 74 and used the metaphor of my anger erupting like a volcano.

    Have a great weekend,


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