When a Little Weight Goes a Long Way: Can Body Image Issues Ruin My Marriage?

“She hates it when i look at her while she is naked, or nearly so.  I cannot help it, I love to see her like that.  The thing is that she is not comfortable with her body, she did gain weight during this pregnancy; and she always has a hard time taking/keeping weight off.  I don’t care about that, I will love her; I made that commitment 7 years ago.  She still makes me want her, and I wonder if she feels the same.  Does anyone know how to ask a significant other if they still find you attractive? If so, please inform me. Seriously.”  (A Worm’s Life, blogger)

This post is about body image issues… I think I can say that every woman, to some degree, probably has a touch of it, and has to work to overcome it, but it can be especially bad after having a baby – to the point where it interferes with intimacy.  When we gain all that weight during pregnancy, we don’t feel attractive; and when it’s hard or slow-coming to get that weight off, it can mess with our minds and ruin our confidence in the bedroom.

Your husband doesn’t care, he thinks you look amazing.

Let that sink in for a little while.

Unless you’ve let yourself go and don’t care about your looks or how much you gain, your husband isn’t going to have a problem with a little extra weight.  It’s all in our minds that it makes us unattractive.

“I don’t care about that, I will love her.”

“She still makes me want her.”

And about wanting to see her naked, “I cannot help it, I love to see her like that.”

This is honestly what nearly every husband is thinking when their wives have body image issues.  He loves her, he doesn’t care that she has extra baby weight – only that it prevents her from sharing her body with him.

Men need to see their wives naked – they relish it, and often replay it several times during the day when they’re bored. 

You are your husband’s only sexual outlet, that’s too big of a responsibility to let self-consciousness get in the way!

Some ideas for having a better body image:

  • Workout at least a few times a week – studies have proven that if you are exercising regularly, you are going to be much happier about your body, even if the changes aren’t visible yet, you’ll feel better & stronger & healthier
  • Stand naked in front of a mirror and thank God for all the positive things about yourself – everything that you consider beautiful or attractive, body parts and personality traits – realize His amazing love for you, and don’t let yourself think any negative thoughts- thank God for the struggle with body image, there’s something powerful in thanking Him for things that bother us, we accept it as a way to change to grow



3 thoughts on “When a Little Weight Goes a Long Way: Can Body Image Issues Ruin My Marriage?

  1. Right on!! I am 80 years old and been married 58 years and I still like seeing my wife naked. She struggles with this, but she looks good to me. lol I do not know and I am not sure, but I doubt that many wives realize that their husband still wants to see them completely naked. That is not always my experience here, but I enjoy her no matter what. I love cuddling and snuggling even when she keeps the P.J.’s on.


  2. I love this- I just started blogging about body image a few weeks back, and this post is great! It’s an issue so many women- young and old and everything in between- deal with.

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