Single Women… Be Radiant & Happy

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Being single is underrated in our society.  Not enough appreciation goes to how much a single woman (or man) can accomplish during these years, and is instead replaced by the pressures to get into a relationship – any relationship – as to avoid the feelings that come with being alone.  If you’re a single woman, today I’m writing for you (sorry single men, I’ll get to you next week 😉 ).

You don’t need a relationship to make you complete.  Marriage is wonderful & incredibly fulfilling in so many ways – I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but it would be a waste to spend these single years idly and not full of intent and purpose.  I understand that the years that one is single can be some of the most lonely years a man or woman feels.  The only thing about that is, there are many married people who also feel just as lonely because they either can’t communicate with their spouse effectively, or they’ve married someone who doesn’t care about meeting their emotional needs!  You have so much to offer this world, being single only amplifies that… it’s good to try to focus on the positive rather than focusing on the negative feelings that naturally come with singleness.

Accomplish things (think dreams and goals) while you wait.  Whatever you do, don’t put your life on hold because you’re “waiting for your life to start.”  If you wait for that, trust me, you will always be waiting!  Even young marrieds use that excuse… “I’m waiting until we this much saved up,” or “I’m waiting until we have a house… or baby… or dog….”  Goodness!

Develop a beautiful character and attitude, I’ve seen women get into their late 30’s and even 40’s and are single with the most terrible, rotten attitude… it is the number one turn-off to men!  Usually these women spent most of their 20’s shacked up with a boyfriend who either didn’t fully commit (ring people!), or who wasn’t the right person for her.  Either way, her 20’s were wasted and she has taken to sarcasm and bitterness instead of embracing joyfully her independence and singleness.

The fact is, the most attractive woman is a happy woman – a woman who has a deep inner happiness.  Not a sarcastic one, not a depressed one… but a radiantly happy and demure one.

“The true meaning of the word (demure) in connection with attractive womanhood is an air of radiant happiness mixed with playful mischievousness, yet smothered with gravity.  The perfect illustration is of a woman who is radiantly alive and playful but who puts on a act of gravity, the corners of her lips struggling to suppress a smile of mischief and her eyes dancing in an otherwise grave face.”

This kind of attractiveness doesn’t go away with age – its the beauty of the soul that often shines through long after natural looks fade.  Men instinctively know this… who wouldn’t want to be linked for life to a woman who possesses these qualities?

So single women, be radiant… be happy 🙂 … and enjoy your season of being single!

(quote from The Fascinating Girl by Helen B. Andelin; photo from


  1. I have two daughters and a son. One daughter never married. She hoped to find someone, but she seemed to pick abusers and quickly discarded them. It would take a psychologist to find out why she always tired dating guys who were abusers.

    However, she applied herself to her career and has done very well. She is financially comfortable, loves being an aunt, and is generous to the needy. She an her mother (my wife) love being together. They are trying to convince our married daughter to go with them to Hawaii. She and my wife will cover the married daughter’s expenses. For me, that would be a no brainer. lol

    I think you have it right. Being single is a great opportunity to do many things not possible when married. The national statistics make marriage look bleak/


  2. I have found I love being single! Although sometimes it seems safer to stay single then get in a relatiohship.

  3. I really appreciate this article! Although I am only 20, I got out of a 4 year relationship 1 year ago. But, the growth I have experienced being single is TREMENDOUS. It was like becoming single was the catalyst I needed to ignite my pursuit of my dreams and passions and development as a woman. I completely agree the single life is not the time to wait around. It’s the perfect time to be selfish and seize every opportunity.

  4. Yes please do single women, be radiant, be a lot of you out there.

    Mrs. Girl with a flying tatoo(what a name you put yourself by the way) Please edit the part about marriage is beautiful and that you wouldn´t trade it for anything. Say it´s terrible that you are seeing a shrink because of the depression of marriage. The more single women out there the better for single guys like me. Help us out a little!

  5. Fantastic blog and comments 🙂 it’s tough when relationships come to an end
    but you guys are right… it’s also a great opportunity 😉

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