5 Beautiful Ideas:

1)  A beautiful Blue Blossom Turban Headband (

anthropologie headband

 2) This Losin Sugar & Creamer (


3) Using mirrors as mock windows to reflect more light into a room (

elle mirrors

4) Embellishing simple things like these Damselfly Hair Clips (

anthropologie damslefly combs

5) Great quotes from start up online businesses about making a small business actually work in the longrun (

 “Solving problems. Start with solving a problem instead of having a technology and then searching for problems it might solve. When you create a problem driven business your roadmap dictates itself.” Instagram

Building only what you need to prove that you can succeedCreate the minimum you can in order to test the hypothesis of whether your business will succeed or not. Polish, and bells & whistles are great, but if you focus on answering whether your fundamental assumptions are correct, you’ll be much better off in the long run.” Instagram

Failure is part of the process – In many ways, you should fail your way to success.

Nobody gets it right the first time, so fail quickly and fail often and learn from each of the steps in order to create a winning strategy.” Instagram

Do what you love. If you enjoy what you’re doing, it won’t feel like work and you are inherently more likely to do well.” Zagat

Don’t quit your day (or night) job. Having a steady income is helpful so you’re not totally dependent on the new project.” Zagat

Real commitment, and patience. I think specifically with internet companies and the dramatic highs and lows we’ve seen in the industry over the last decade, we (myself, our two founders, and our creative director) were sort of conditioned to expect extreme success or failure really quickly. In fact, our success has been about the long-haul, staying focused and committed over time, and keeping each other motivated as a result.” Refinery 29

Be bold. I know this might sound cliché, but the internet is like an instant global broadcasting mechanism for everything you do. Everyone’s watching (or seems to be) 24/7, so that occasionally made me and our other core team members hesitant about moving too quickly on a hire, a project, or producing content that was maybe too risqué. We learned however, and fast, that it’s those big pushes and occasional leaps of faith that really propelled the company forward and got us noticed amid all the competition. Plus, it’s absolutely energizing. You definitely want to contemplate growth and change seriously, but it’s also important not to get stuck in the “what ifs” and circumstances you likely never have control over.” Refinery 29

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