Adorable Thoughts From Husbands – What Does He Really Think?

I love men.  I just love the way they think….  I love women too, I love how close women can be with each other – I love how they can cry together in a public place, and no one really cares, because… we’re women!  I don’t think you’d ever see a group of men huddled around each other crying and hugging *laughs* it’s just unique to women. 

But I love how men are so often straight-forward, it’s a quality that I truly admire and try to emulate in a feminine manner in myself by being honest and open.  I came across some hilarious things a man in a relationship is probably thinking from Jay Payleitner’s 52 Things Husbands Need From Their Wives, hope you enjoy them as much as I did!


We’re more like puppy dogs than you think.  We’ll follow you around hoping for a little attention.

Very often we wonder how we got so lucky.  How someone amazing like you married a guy like us.

When we buy flowers, it really is a big deal.  We don’t mind flowers, but we don’t see the value in them.  Flowers on a table, we typically don’t even notice.  So when we buy them, we are really doing a totally selfless act.

When we cook, it also is a big deal. At least we think it is.  If we flip some burgers, put a frozen pizza in the oven, or whip up some mac and cheese, we expect you to be eternally grateful.  Of course, it’s not really a big deal.  But you need to know that we think it is.

We also think it’s a big accomplishment when we load the dishwasher, vacuum a single room, or do a load of laundry.  “Look, dear, aren’t I awesome?”

We don’t get jealous if you point out how cute a movie star is.  He’s on a two-dimensional screen and we’re right next to you.  We win!

We really don’t know what to get you for your birthday, so drop lots of hints.  It’s really okay.

We like bacon.  Although that’s not really a secret, is it?

If you’re dragging us to a social event, as we enter go ahead and say, “You look good in that suit.”  We’ll enjoy the evening ever so much more.

We never ignore you intentionally.  You voice may have been loud enough to penetrate our inner ear, but it didn’t make it through to our cerebrum.  Whatever we were focusing on was not more important than you.  But I had our attention first, so we missed what you said.  IF it was important (and I’m sure it was), please repeat it without getting angry.

If we think it’s important, we can learn and change.  But positive reinforcement works tons better than negative consequences.

We’re not psychic.  You may have dropped ten thousand hints, but sometimes you need to come right out and tell us what you want.  Yes, we should have thought of it ourselves, but we didn’t.  Whatever it is, we want you to have it… that is, if you really want it.

When you say, “That’s fine,” we think you mean that something is okay.  We don’t know that when you say, “That’s fine,” you really mean it is not okay.  Just so you know.  Okay?

Even when we’re studying a spreadsheet, engrossed in the last seconds of a basketball game, pounding the keyboard on a deadline, or even on the phone with our biggest client, we love it when you come up behind us, wrap your arms around our shoulders, and nuzzle our neck.



  1. Even now I sometimes get it wrong. Can’t some great brain devise a common language for use between the genders?
    Obviously the male half of it wouldn’t need so many words … and the female two-thirds would be repetitive …

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