Free People

Free People

Sasha Pivovarova, born in Moscow, Russia, in 1985, has been inspiring the modeling world since her debut in Prada’s Milan show in 2005.  After this show, she became the FACE of Prada.  Her daughter (in the above picture), Mia Isis, was born in 2012.

sasha pivovara art

Sasha & her artwork

She’s also an artist, her work has been in French Vogue and in galleries in Paris & New York – she does intriguing self portraits.

True to her name (which can mean sunshine, warmth, truth, gentle & soft) she projects such a bright, happy aurora…

sasha pivovara

modelasmuse met 2009

At the Model as Muse Met Gala 2009


Sasha’s Instagram

And lest some haters think that she’s a selfish mom for losing the baby weight so fast because she’s a model, she actually took nearly two years off from walking for Fashion Week.  She’s one of the few models who took a break after her baby was born, and after a long break, was still able to break back in.  So haters, seek hate elsewhere. 🙂

sashapivovarova instagram

Enjoying Summer


From Sasha P. Magazine

If you haven’t fallen in love with her already, check out the video below:

Allure Magazine Archives

Allure Magazine Archives by Mario Testino

Allure Magazine Archives by Mario Testino

Allure Magazine Archives by Mario Testino

If you’re interested in more Sasha Pivovarova inspiration & her unique artwork, check out this great fanblog:


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