Look Beyond It

When I was growing up, my father decided (since I was a girl) I needed to learn how to defend myself… he signed me up for Taekwondo classes once a week.  At first, I thought it was just ridiculous, and did the typical eye-rolling of pre-teen girls when they argue with their father, taekwondo was hardly cool.  But the instructors loved how quickly I picked up the routines – I had been in dance since I was 4 – and they were fascinated with my long arms & legs (I could kick with ease).  I slowly began to love it.

I did end up learning well how to defend myself, and I kept up with the martial art until I was 16.  There was one time, however, when a kick almost got the best the me.  A particular instructor wanted to use me as an example at a demonstration event at a fair.  He wanted me to kick through a board that he held high above his head (not even joking).  I thought it was impossible… he was already a good deal taller than me, and there he was holding the board I was supposed to break with my foot above his head?

I tried.  My foot bounced off the board, not even making a crack.  My father loves to tell this story because he was watching the whole scene and says he saw my face fall.  The instructor put the board down and explained that I couldn’t just aim for the board, I had to look beyond it.  I couldn’t just kick the board, I had to kick through it in order to break it.

I tried a second time, making my aim a few inches past the board and I heard that satisfying crack of it breaking in two from the force of my foot.  I was ecstatic!  We did the routine at the fair, and the crowd loved it.  We still have those boards. 🙂

It’s interesting that you can apply to this life.  Whenever you’re faced with trials & seemingly endless hard times, you need to look beyond it.

If you only look at your struggles or hard times, you can get stuck mentally – like my foot bouncing off the board – you run the risk of not being able to push through them.  If you face your trials with your aim set beyond them, you see them in a new, enlightened perspective.

No trial lasts forever, but when you focus your eyes on the trial you’re going through, you lose sight of that.  You have to look beyond it.  You have to aim beyond it… so that you can break through.

…  and by the way, don’t mess with this girl,

I know Tae-kwon-do. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Look Beyond It

  1. No Messin’ Promise

    Looking beyond, I get stuck not wanting to, it requires I look somewhere I can’t see, into my unknown, un-experienced future, that scary place. I love this analogy. With enough experiences of pushing past the limits of the known, I hope I’ll become more adept at seeing into the dark unknown with the wisdom of knowing in my body, I’ve been here before, and so I’ll go here again, this time more courageously.

    Nice post, thank you

  2. I suspect you are, at least with what you write and share. You’ve set your intentions and that’s at least having the effect of inspiration, it did with me.

  3. Thank you! That’s good to hear…. I’ve definitely been through some things… but everything that I’ve been through, I’ve learned something from, whether it was something that happened randomly or something my inexperienced or stupid actions put me through, at least I feel like I’ve learned some major lessons. Love your comments! Thank you again!

  4. Your blog truly resonates with me and the season I am in in life.
    I am currently in a season of grief and loss due to many things that have happened since my brother’s wife’s Father died of cancer in the fall of 2013. My own Father died unexpectedly in March of 2014 which sent me into a season of loss, greif and mourning. Following my Father’s death, I have had what feels like an unending occurrences of personal loses of family pets, friends and other more private loses. I have also experianced additional chroinc illnesses that I will have to deal with for the rest of my life on top of an already extensive list of chronic medical illnesses that currently have no cure. I hit a point where I was so depressed I could not see past the figurative board. Much like your instructor told you to aim past the board I have been blessed with friends who have stayed by my side and new friends I have mad along the way remind me to look and aim beyond the season of life I am in. I have yet to break through the board, I believe because I am still dealing with this season of life and the emotions that come from it. I have been blessed that when I am exceptionally depressed God sends someone with the right words, smile or circumstance to comfort me during this season and also sometimes reminding me to aim past where I am right now. Sadly there are several things coming up soon that will be very painful losses despite the knowledge they are coming. I am blessed to be surrounded by friends and loved ones who are aware of these things and painful anniversaries that they are helping me through.
    I appologize for the long comment but today is one of the very difficult days and your blog is resonating with me and reminding me that there will be a season after this one that is different and maybe today this is how God is reminding me to look past my current figurative board because eventually I will break past it. Thank you for shareing this story.

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