5 Beautiful Things (Blogs)

The online world is so full of endless possibilities, full of multitudes of ideas, recipes, and advice.  Here I bring you my top 5 unique, expressive, and from all over blogs of inspiration.  I hope you truly enjoy them. ❤

1. Judith Jones’ blog: “The Pleasures of Cooking for One”

judith jones adorable

Judith Jones

Most probably recognize who Julia Child is from the movie Julie & Julia that came out in 2009.  Her “Mastering the Art of French Cooking,” is a wonderful cookbook designed to bring French cooking to the modern American lifestyle.  Judith Jones, her editor, is also a fascinating woman not only credited with rescuing The Diary of Anne Frank from the rejects pile in 1950 (which how amazing is that?!?), but also with discovering Julia Child herself.

At her blog, you can find delightful stories of her past and present (up to 2010), and if you love food and cooking, you will be pleased to see all her thoughts and suggestions on the topic.  It’s a look into the mind of someone quite genius, and I’m glad to share my inspiration with you.

judith jones

Judith Jones (left) Julia Child’s cookbook editor and longtime friend

Judith Jones says of Julia:

 She made people see that cooking was fun and sensual.

She made sounds that were delicious. She lifted the hideous Puritanism that had, particularly in New England,

made food uninteresting. Suddenly everybody was “cooking Julia.’’

And then they were exploring the Middle East, China, India . . . she loved it all.

(photo credit and quote from interview with the Boston Globe


2. The Spanish Hipster blog:

spanish hipster

The Spanish Hipster is a blog I’ve followed for a little over a year now, they write about fantastic restaurants and recipes, City guides with information such as where to find the best Bakeries and Cafes in Paris, the top of the Restaurant scene, and Museums & shopping venues.  The inspiration there is never-ending!

Here’s how they describe their blog themselves:


Spanish Hipster is our blog that we created, in various forms, four years ago, right about the time that our relationship started. Our name is a bit incongruous given who we are. Jose is the Spaniard.  And according to Jose I, Elise, am the hipster.   It is obvious to anyone that knows us that I am far from a Hipster. Jose did not know what a hipster was and somehow mistook my love of design and the less conventional lifestyle as hipster like.  Little did he know how uncool calling someone a hipster was =)  Somehow this ironic name stuck and Voila.. the Spanish Hipster blog was created.
As Jose mentions below we are not writers or professional chefs we are merely two people that were brought up in two completely different food focused families (one from Maine and the other from Spain) Our love of food was one of the many things that brought us together. In fact our second date was a cooking adventure in Jose’s 3×3 studio kitchen and from then on we used photography to document all our weekends food adventures. ( I was at RISD in Providence, and Jose in NYC) This has since transformed into nicer cameras, and more dinners out.
3. Cupcakes & Cashmere blog
emily cupcakes&cashmere
Cupcakes & Cashmere is an eclectic blog written by Californian girl, Emily Schuman (above), seeking to “Elevate Everyday Life.”  It is adorable and chic, with topics ranging from food to her wardrobe choices, beauty advice & ideas for hairstyles, and organization & interior design.  Always inspirational, this blog is for anyone who loves beauty & food, luxury & practicality.
4. Tea Time blog:
tea time
Tea Time is written by model Alba Galocha, for Espanol Vogue (Spanish Vogue).  It is written half in Spanish and half in English, which is fun to test your language skills if you studied Spanish in school.  She writes refreshingly honestly about her life as a young model, her travels, includes her own snapshots of the cities and shops around her, along with some of her own very European yet casual fashion choices.
Something I’ve learnt with modeling and the travelling that it entails is to be alone and to enjoy new experiences alone. Yesterday my roommate told me that she was bored and that there’s nothing to do or see in Milano, I think she’s wrong. To me the city looks like a mixture between Paris, with streets that look like museums, and Lisbon, all dirty and old, as if no one was taking care of the city, this combination makes of Milano a special place to be in and to discover. I thank very much all the tips and addresses that my friends and followers have recommended to me, it makes things a lot easier to know where to go while on my way to different places. I also discover new ones that I will share with you in future post.
alba galocha
5. Into the Gloss blog:
emily weiss
Into the Gloss is a blog wholly dedicated to Beauty (hair, skin, nails, makeup, health), written by Emily Weiss (above) & her team.  It is a completely new kind of blog that interviews models and fashion editors, designers, and celebrities (at least, in the fashion world) alike on their preferences of beauty products or their special, secretive, daily routines… of which they are only too happy to spill the beans!  It’s inspiring to read all the different kinds of approaches to beauty in a world where anything is attainable – it truly opens your mind to the different attitudes, and then corresponds that to the kind of products one would want to use – no matter your budget.
Hope you enjoyed a look into my mind on the top 5 inspiring blogs, let me know in the comment section if there are any that inspire you.

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