Beauty of the Simple Life


The simple pleasures in life are like Heaven to me.  Drinking coffee with my favorite creamer, snuggled up on the loveseat with a throw blanket, with a candle burning on the coffee table, reading God’s word and drinking in the peaceful silence of the house before anyone else is up.  Playing beautiful music in the background as we go along our day, going outside and enjoying the beautiful weather… really feeling it on your skin.  Smelling the smells of grass and dirt as you tend the garden or water the grass; the beauty of planting flowers.  The powerful beauty of cooking at home, delicious tasting food.  Beauty affects all the senses.

There is so much joy to be found in the simple things in life.

It’s good to surround yourself in beauty.  This is not saying that you need to buy expensive things to fill your wardrobe or house with – it’s painful for me to spend money (really), so while I go frequently to places where such beautiful expensive items exist, it is merely to get new ideas, to awaken my soul of what could be created.  It’s like viewing art.

If you don’t have what you would think of as beautiful things, create them – don’t let your own ideas and expectations of what beauty should look like intimidate you.  Just go with it – use whatever you have, with confidence. 

I once heard a Rabbi say: You don’t have all you want, but you might have exactly what you need.  Use what God’s given you – your humor, your heart, your talents, and create… reach out to others… go beyond the boundaries of your soul.  In creating, you’re giving back to the Giver of all good things, it is the most beautiful form of graciousness to take what you’ve been given and in gratitude, make beauty from it.

Enjoy the simple things, and don’t be afraid to create beauty wherever you go.


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