Women & Their Cats

There is something seductive about the cat.  When I was growing up, one of my father’s favorite movies was Bell Book & Candle, a 1958 film wrought with seduction, witch craft, and a gorgeous Siamese cat.  I had a Siamese feline of my own back then, there is really nothing quite like them – no other cats even come close.


Kim Novak, a self-described Polish-Czech actress, is stunning in this film, and paired next to James Stewart, of course.  She admires him from afar, and when she sees he’s engaged to her college-rival, she decides to get even.  She places a love spell over him, but then… ends up falling for him in earnest herself.

behindthe scenes

She can’t help it – if you watched this movie, you’d feel the attraction and powerful seduction throughout the scenes.  She has one problem though, a witch cannot fall in love without losing her powers.  The movie takes a comic twist when her love becomes fascinated with helping a man write a book on witches in New York, her own hilarious brother is the insider guide to the investigator, causing multiple problems for his sister.  I won’t spoil anymore of the movie, if you love women & cats & a little bit of black magic, you should see it.


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Her Aunt: She’s in love.

Her brother: Wouldn’t she rather be dead?


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