We love our cats… they were barely a few weeks old when I found them 4 years ago, they were 2 out of a 5 kitten litter, all of them with eye infections, upper respiratory infections, and one with a hint of cat leukemia.  The vet prepared me for the worst, but I bottle fed them anyway and loved on them.  All 5 made it, we gave away 3 and kept these 2 cuties.  They’ve been a source of inspiration ever since lol.


I don’t know where all this came from! I’m innocent!

Batman loves his cats.


Hilarious texts from your cat:

Our son was in bed and my husband went to take the trash out, he came back in with a devilish grin and told me that I needed to come outside.  I was barefoot and didn’t want to put on shoes so I asked why?  He tried to hide his laughter inside and simply told me there was something I had to see… he then swooped me up in one swift motion and carried me out on our patio so that I didn’t have to put shoes on.  He’s tricky like that.  He took me to the place he had in mind and told me to look up, this is what I saw:


Apparently our cats think they’re gargoyles.

I’ve been wanting to post the meaning of a dragonfly – it’s amazing that something I once thought was unattractive has such a beautiful deeper meaning:

Every child is an artist. 

The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

–Pablo Picasso



And an inspirational, wonderful woman I got to meet this last summer, the amazing Laura Story.  She has inspired me so much, she’s been through the ringer, and she’s come out such a strong, beautiful person.  I’m so grateful she’s given the world her talent.

Live in the moment & have a wonderful weekend!


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