Give to Others

I’m lucky to be part of an amazing Mentoring Moms program at our church where women in the congregation who have gotten past the stage of parenting that we are in, become a mentor who meets with us monthly to try to help us get through birth to 5 years.  Last night I came away with good solid guidance, and glimmering new perspective.

It really made me think about the women who do the mentoring.  Ours lives about 45 to 50 minutes away from the church!  She drives sometimes an hour just to meet with us women in her group!  And boy are we glad that we have her!

Our church is big on being generous – many members are financially very well off, and they use their wealth so astonishingly… I’ve personally seen how powerful money is when applied in the right way to people’s problems.  You need a new roof?  No problem.  Wells need to be built in Africa so that an area can have clean water?  No problem.  Our missionaries need more funding to meet their daily needs?  No problem.  The city needs a new startup organization to help homeless or sex-trafficking victims?  No problem.  Our city needs more financing in their non-profits?  No problem.  I’ve seen these things materialize because of the good heart of some ridiculously generous wealthy people.

It got me thinking about so many things….

  • Giving to others out of the blessings in your own life is so important.  It blesses you in stunning ways – the women who mentor us absolutely love giving us their time, energy, and great opinions/suggests/perspectives.  It affects us… we go in somewhat weary & tired, and come out inspired and encouraged – with a little high from seeing friends and laughing and talking about our lives together.
  • Living with a sense of generosity is just so powerful.  You have no idea how much you can change things just by giving to others and being mindful of needs.  What I’ve found personally is that it even changes you.
  • When you give – it doesn’t have to be financial – it could be your time, efforts, talents, or even just your presence!  It truly doesn’t matter as long as you are meeting a real need.


When we’re blessed in life, I really do feel like we should be doing something with it – not just pouring our love into our children, husbands/wives, friends, and family… but maybe going a little beyond.

Going out and reaching people, really seeing what needs to be met in their life.  Putting our extra money or time or presence/work to good use instead of blindly giving to something and never seeing the effects of it.


  1. We are always blessed when we are generous and sometimes we never know what our generosity means to someone else. One of the greatest ways of being generous is with our time and sharing our lives. Mentors do exactly that and I am so thankful for those who have generously poured into my life. These mentors are my sisters in Christ who love, encourage, teach, challenge and hold me accountable. They are willing to tell me what I need to hear and not just what I want to hear. Be blessed today and find a way to bless someone else!

  2. Thank you for your comment. That’s good you have mentors! I think it’s a rare and beautiful thing. I especially like that I have an older mentor, just because she’s been through everything I’m already going through, her perspective is different than most women my age and the young mothers I’m friends with.

    Wise older women are treasures, when they care about you or worry that you’re doing something wrong, they tell you in the kindest way and help you to see how to be better, or what to do next time… it’s so invaluable to me to have this (both my grandmothers are dead, and my mother and I are not very close).

  3. Give so as to modify behaviour and reshape their future, no?

    Is it better to give to a hungry man and his hungry family a fish—or a fishing rod, and teach him how to use it?

    I vote rod … and note: it is said that ‘Allah does not subtract from a man’s allotted span the time spent fishing’; which could prove that the Islamic sages had a grip on reality too. (Some of ’em, at least.)

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