Natalie Grant Stands up for Her Beliefs


Natalie Grant is just such a beautiful woman, inside and out.  I was worried when I read that something happened at the Grammy’s to make her walk out early – the news seemed to make it into some kind of scandal.  After reading this article, my admiration for her grew immensely.  She was disturbed by what she saw in the performances (and even E Online tweeted that they thought they witnessed actual witchcraft during Katy Perry’s performance)….   A. J. McCarron, a former Alabama quarterback, tweeted, “Is it just me, or are some of the Grammy performances so far seem to be really demonic?? Looks like there is a lot of evil in the world.”  She got up, and walked out.  But what she said afterwards is even more amazing – she doesn’t condemn anyone, she doesn’t belittle anyone or call anyone names, no, she doesn’t stoop that low – which makes her pretty incredible.

“I’ve tried to read all of the comments on my previous post but I can’t respond to them all. Most of you have always been so supportive and encouraging to me & I’m grateful. It does sadden me when people argue, judge and hurl insults at each other from both sides of the fence. I’m not going to engage in arguments, but just have a few things I’d like to say:

I NEVER said I left during any particular performance. I only said I left early.

I never pointed out any one particular performance, I only said I had many thoughts about the entire show, which were best left inside my head and that is where they will stay. So those who say I condemned one performance but then condoned others clearly did not read the post.

What I DID say is this: I am honored to be a part of the Christian music community. I’ve had many people throughout my career ask why I never tried to go in to mainstream music and last night was a beautiful reminder that I love singing about Jesus and FOR Jesus.

I’ve judged no one. I hate no one. And I believe that every person has been created in the image of God. I will never stand on a street corner and wave a sign, I won’t use my platform to engage in political arguments that will only divide and not unite. I will continue to pray that my life will be my message. I do have my own personal convictions that I live by, and I will continue to work out my own salvation with fear and trembling before the Lord. (Philippians 2:12)

I was honored to be nominated for 2 Grammy awards last night. I’m so grateful that NARAS and The Grammys continue to recognize the contribution that Gospel and Christian music make to the world. And I’m so thrilled for those who won in my categories. And I can say that with all sincerity.

My last thought:

“I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus for it is the power of God who brings salvation to ALL who believe.” -Romans 1:16″

Her response below shows so much maturity, so much compassion in being careful not to judge or slam anyone.  She is 42, and a mother of twin girls and a younger daughter born in 2010, a wonderful role model for young girls, women, mothers, everywhere.  I want to be like this – to choose love instead of hate.  To be good to others, even when I don’t agree with them.

Thank you Natalie, you are such an inspiration.


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