Dress to Impress!

I love dresses.  I absolutely, hands down, LOVE them!  Nothing makes me feel more empowered or beautiful as a woman than wearing a dress that is well-cut & flattering.  Pants are my loves too, but to feel so feminine?  A dress is the best!

So… recently, a bunch of things just went on sale from an especially awesome, totally sexy store… this sale ONLY happens twice a year…. drum roll…..

The Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual!

beige&blonde V370521_072dress!

I love the textures, the bright brilliant colors, the soft grey & pink ballet combo.  Gold & beige with blonde hair will always to me, be beautiful.

sexyandchic sportdressV373161

I’m sure most people don’t realize that Victoria’s Secret has a clothing line, but they do make some of the best cut dresses I’ve owned.  And their workout clothes are great, too, because you know… looking sexy everywhere you go is fun.

V376224_CROP1 V371433_3TA V371250_43Y

And for fun, what I used to look like everyday as a working woman.  I do miss dressing for work… but staying in yoga pants is kind of awesome too. 🙂


(all photos from http://www.victoriassecret.com/sale)


3 thoughts on “Dress to Impress!

  1. Thank you! I post a lot of different things… usually only once every weekday I’ll try to do something that inspires me! I just got super happy about dresses today and had to post! Thank you for following, I hope you like it 🙂

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