Teaching Tots

For past few weeks, I’ve been training to be a Nursery Teacher each Sunday – I love children of all ages, but there is something special about 12 months to 2 years.

They are so innocent, so cute, so openly cuddly – being in that room for an hour makes me long for another baby!  I absolutely love playing with them, I get a high from loving on them, teaching them.  Who knew??  Of course I love my son, I love playing and teaching him, but to me that’s different… he’s mine.  I had no idea I’d feel the same way about other children – children I’ve never met until that moment.

When I was an ambitious & determined, full-time working mom in the research industry only a few months ago, every time I’d go to my son’s school to pick him up, the 3 and 4 year olds would surround me and talk to me, stare into my face and tell me I looked “preeetty,” that they loved my hair.  Some of the little girls would actually reach out and touch my blonde hair and play with it, or pretend to brush it.  I love children.  Maybe I missed my calling lol.

Fast forward to now, being my son’s “teacher,” he loves having me all to himself.

When I started this home-schooling thing with him a couple of months ago, he laughed and decided I was his “Miss Mommy.”  When I was just a little older than him (4 or 5?) I remember clearly thinking my parents were robots – there for me and me alone.  My son isn’t that way at all!  He’s completely aware of the fact that I’m human, he’s known my name now for almost a year (he asked when he was a little over 2 1/2)!  I didn’t know my parents were real people, much less that they actually had names.

My son & I LOVE playing the most ridiculous songs and dancing around the house – it’s impossible to not have fun when you’re teaching a child.  Or when jamming out to one of my favorite fellow Jews, Sacha Baron Cohen’s I like to Move It, if you have kids you MUST have them listen to this!

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