Love & Matches


I love playing matchmaker….  My husband adoringly jokes with me that I am like a young “Yenta” from Fiddler on The Roof… or Emma from Jane Austin’s literature.  I just want to see people happy and married.  It really is simple, and I’ve earnestly tried to match people up since before elementary school – it started with trying to play matchmaker for my day care teachers… which in all truth, did work for a while – until they were on to me.

To be truthful, often times I really did have people mismatched, and the matches in my head for perfect happiness never came to full fruition – but I can’t say I didn’t try!  I really couldn’t help it 😉 .  

This movie clip is from Emma, where she has tried to persuade a friend to not be interested in a very good man whom Emma thinks is beneath her. 

Matchmaking is tricky business, and I’ve learned, from personal experience, its best if you leave love on its own.  Love will do its thing. 

And many people really will (without my help) find happiness.  Although it is hard to admit.  🙂


One thought on “Love & Matches

  1. We home school our daughter. We are using a curriculum for literature this year which called for watching the movie “Emma.” We enjoyed watching her. Lots of good stuff to talk about after the movie was over.

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