Every Friday I get to write about something that just  inspires me.  I love writing, and I love sharing things I’ve learned, but sharing what inspires me is extremely personal and heartwarming, so Friday mornings are my favorite because I often give my heart!

I’m very pleased to have found this group of amazing life & culture changers that make up Idea Camp.  They get together for conferences to discuss their revelations, ideas, organizations, success, failures, leadership thoughts, etc.  They are interested in Humanity and outreach programs ranging from self-care to the sex slave trade, to the orphan crisis in our world.  Leaders that work for or created foundations from the start up, come and share their heart and their personal experiences.  Invisible Children, Pure Charity, Food for the Hungry, & Case Crown are just a few of the people and sponsors involved.  Check out their website & blog for more Inspiration of what you can do yourself to make a difference in the world, I’m making plans in my head to go to their next scheduled conference: (

I love fashion, but I do not love the ridiculous way they airbrush and crop parts of models’ and actresses’ bodies to create a fake idea of what we as women actually look like.  I wrote about Inspiration from Jennifer Lawrence’s latest movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire last week, but her quote on body image and health is just as inspiring and beautiful as the actress and her performance.

Her advice for a father whose daughter deals with bullying and body image:
“Well, screw those people. It’s something that everybody experiences. I experienced it in school before I was famous. The world has this certain idea that if you don’t look like an airbrushed, perfect model … you just have to look past it. You look how you look, so be comfortable. What are you going to do — be hungry every single day to make other people happy? That’s just dumb. Shows like Fashion Police and things like that are just showing these generations of young people to judge people based on all the wrong values and that it’s okay to point at people and call them ugly and call them fat. They call it fun and say, ‘Welcome to the real world,’ but that shouldn’t be the real world … There are unrealistic expectations for women. It’s disappointing that the media keeps it alive and fuels that fire. It’s something that really bothers me … because I love to eat.”


Above, a photo that they airbrushed afterwards to look thinner and less muscular. 

And finally, an inspiring quote I read over 10 years ago, that perhaps makes me drawn to lilypads and ponds, I don’t know:

Inner happiness… brings a calm spirit and tranquility which is a peaceful beauty.  It is like clear calm water in a pond.  Radiant happiness is like the lily pads that add breathtaking beauty.  Beneath the flowers you can see the stillness of the waters.  The charm is the overall effect.

There is in this world no function more important than that of being charming – to shed joy around, to cast light upon dark days, to be the golden thread of our destiny, and the very spirit of GRACE and HARMONY.  Is not this to render a service?

(Helen B. Andelin)

All lily pictures taken by Stephanie


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