I’ve posted my age before. I love being in my late twenties, and yet, I know there are still so many more things I need to discover and figure out in life.  I want to inspire people in their 20’s, to let them know that life isn’t necessarily about “making it” in this chapter of your life.  It’s more about choosing a path for your life & figuring out who you truly are… choosing you who are becomingIt is never too late to make a change – so don’t be afraid of it!

I’ve known too many friends and associates who got derailed in their twenties – and not because anything bad happened, but just because life “didn’t turn out the way they had planned.”  I know people who had grand plans of entering medical school (and various other graduate schools) that are stuck in dead-end jobs for years because they didn’t get in the first try (my encouragement to them was “Don’t give up!  You can always try again, right?”)  But they didn’t seem to get that.  It is cruel to yourself to carry huge weight of “you must do/accomplish this task by the time you hit 30!” 

Success usually doesn’t come in your 20’s – at least, maybe not that kind of success

To me, the real success is figuring out exactly what you want in life, and going after it without wasting time.  The ability to enjoy  your life with contentment for blessings already given to you.  Maybe you had an unplanned pregnancy, I did too.  Maybe your life got derailed somewhat, mine did too.  But I wouldn’t give up my life and what I have now for the world.

I don’t usually read (or always agree with) Relevant Magazine, but this article was my inspiration today.  For all of you in your 20’s, or for those who know all too well: (Relevant Magazine)

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