The Sexy Wife

When a couple is dating, there are certain expectations that each person needs for the romance to develop.  The man has to pursue, plan, and woo the woman, while the woman flirts, dresses with careful consideration, fixes her hair or make-up in anticipation of their dates or time together.  While they are out on a date, they listen to each other with avid interest, she respects him and doesn’t put him down or make him feel stupid – and he likewise.  

I had never heard of a married couple dating each other until I was a freshman in college and part of a Christian group on campus.  One of the mentors, still in her twenties, was newly married and unknowingly made a lasting impression on all of us who watched her become an amazing woman, wife, and eventually mother.  She cared about the way she presented herself, she spoke of how important it was to have date nights together, she taught us how important intimacy was – and not just sex, but physically touching your husband – there is something so powerful in touch.

Take care of yourself.  Respect your husband – don’t ever humiliate or make him into a joke – you’d never do that when you dating, and if you had, you would’ve been filed into the guys category or women who only remain guys’ friends because they’re too guy-like!  Act like a woman.

“Obviously, wives are female; women; girls….  After marriage, and definitely after having children, too many wives contract the “Frump syndrome,” the symptoms of which include wearing flannel pajamas and socks, or sweatpants with oversized T-shirts, to bed instead of some girly thing with lace; not shaving legs or grooming nails; not washing, styling, or even combing hair; taking off (instead of freshening up) makeup from the day just before your husband comes home; using the toilet with him in the room; not making an attempt to smell sweet (with a little perfume or body oil); and never putting on sexy outfits… in front of your husband.

When women have called in to my radio program to say that they are unhappy in their marriages, but nothing particularly is actually wrong, I ask them if they have contracted this ailment.  Almost universally, the answer is yes.  When I suggest the obvious cure, I am confronted with some angry, annoyed, resentful, defensive women!  It’s worrisome when women embrace the notion that once they are married, they are entitled to be loved, adored, protected, gifted, romanced, obeyed, and provided for without question, without reciprocation, and definitely without any effort on their part to create the emotional and psychological environment that would more likely get them all those desires.”  Schlessinger

Be a sexy wife – your husband will absolutely, hands-down, love it, and you will reap amazing rewards for treating him like a man.


  1. I totally agree. My problem is I take care of myself and wear nice outfits. I keep my make up on, get mani-pedis, put on perfume etc. . It still doesm’t work. ARRRRGH!

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