“Another glorious morning… makes me sick!”   Winifred Sanderson


At an outing to Target with my son yesterday, we saw Hocus Pocus on sale – of course, it’s the week after Halloween, but who cares?  Hocus Pocus was a staple of my Halloween diet each year, I couldn’t wait to get it home so my son could enjoy it, in fact, he’s watching it again this morning. 

The movie perfectly represents the 90’s – the clothes, the music, the parents, the kids – it’s exactly how I remember it.  The romantic beauty, Allison, wears the minimal fresh-faced makeup – reminiscent of the Bobbi Brown makeup that was so incredibly popular in the 90’s, and is making a comeback as of recent. 

Oh the 90’s… who doesn’t miss them?

The teenage guy dreaming about his classroom beauty, the girl playing hard to get (in that oh so confident way), the annoying little sister breaking into her brother’s fantasies.  You have to see it!


Here is a youtube mix to reel you in – enjoy!  And who cares Halloween is over – you’re still eating leftover candy right? 

This movie is timeless.


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