My First Love


I’ve always loved downtown. It really doesn’t matter the city, although I love our city the best – almost any city’s downtown ambiance has captured me since I was a little girl. 

Maybe it’s because I went there so much when I was young, that downtown carries with it a sense that something magical could happen to you.  My grandparents took me there frequently – it was always magical with them. 

Or maybe it’s because I spent a couple week-nights each week, dancing when I was a pre-teen to age 18 in a place that became like a second home to me – my favorite dance studio was in the middle of downtown.  My class lasted 3 hours (it was very intense dancing – we weren’t just dancers, we performed on the weekends around and for our city), and before every class my mom and I spent precious time together shopping around downtown, looking at art downtown, eating delicious food downtown

Maybe it’s the rare experiences that come from performing in front of crowds or in parades; having had been on a stage since age 4, I took this feeling for granted. Either way, a majority of our performances were held downtown, and I still miss performing.

Or maybe it’s the beautiful history in all the buildings, that captivate me with their exhilarating stories!  My mom loved educating my brother and I on the beautiful stories about the people and the buildings – she frequently scared us by taking us on real ghost hunts – it was intense.  Oh how I wish I could go back in time and meet some the most incredible people – people that did some amazing things, accomplished such difficult tasks – in war, in politics, in love, in life.  Every city’s downtown has history, and history – knowing the truth of things that were – is beauty.  Discovering the truth, peeling back the layers of time is exhilarating.  Downtown is fascinating. 

I could go the romantic route, and reveal to you that downtown is where my husband and I had our first date – and also where he brought me back to pop the question with a gorgeous diamond ring.  Downtown brought me love, and each year we celebrate it there.

Now that I’m a mom, it is beyond description to explain to you the JOY I feel in taking my son downtown – he absolutely loves it, and we take him there fairly frequently.  It’s so wonderful for my husband and I to see his eyes light up with the sensations buzzing around him, the noises, the fragrant smells, the perfumes, the delicious foods. 

I can already see the love for downtown growing in his heart lol.  And how could it not?  He might look like a photocopy of my husband, but he’s still my son.

(Picture taken Spring 2013, of the San Antonio Riverwalk)

Published by Stephanie

I'm a 33 yr old Christian wife to my college sweetheart for almost 13 years, and a mother to 3 handsome boys & a girl!!! I write for simple pleasure about my treasures in life, marriage, children, parenting, some advice for singles in the dating market, and a little on spiritual growth as I work to become a better person in life. Just started a new fitness blog about loving your body and how that dramatically changes your whole life! I love getting this chance to encourage people through my writing, and even though this world is so evil, I believe we will see the Lord's goodness in the land of the living. "For You have been my help, And in the shadow of Your wings, where I am always protected, I sing for joy." Psalm 63:7

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