Notice Him… Make Time for Him… Love Him

When I was a little girl, my mother frequently listened to a radio talk show host named Dr. Laura Schlessinger, a big-opinioned, loud Jewish woman whom people called with questions and problems.  She had great answers, and I loved listening to her wisdom and marveled at how she could see so fast what the issues truly were, even when the caller tried to throw her for a loop.  She reminded me of a female Solomon.  I want to have wisdom like that, without the harsh delivery.  I’m not a harsh person, for me to act harsh I have to be provoked with a hot iron.  My husband won’t deny I have a fiery side, he likens me to Miranda Lambert in all her sassy songs, but for all intensive purposes, I intend to stay sweet and gentle.

Here is another morsel of wisdom from this wise Jewish sage… on being a Sadie (a married lady)

“The best pointer I could give wives about the care and feeding of a husband is to always make time for him.  I know wives and moms get so, so, so, so busy. I do not know how I kept up with the soccer games, baseball practices, Scouts, and piano lessons – not to mention dinner, laundry, and an occasional trip to the grocery store or vet.  I don’t know how I did it.”  (Marie, listener)

The listener went on to describe forgetting her husband’s birthday entirely, and deciding from that point on to make more of an effort to slow down and enjoy her life that she chose…

“I got so wrapped up in the daily stuff to do that I was not taking care of the great guy who was taking care of me.  I started making a point of putting him higher on my list of priorities, and suddenly I was feeling like a wife again and not a frazzled mom.

I started the very next day with a little love letter in his lunch box.  I got a phone call in the middle of the day when he read it.  We started exchanging smiles over the dinner table while the kids went on about their day, and it was so nice to get to know this really great guy I had picked.”

Don’t fall into the trap that your kids have to be involved in everything under the sun, that you neglect spending time together as a family, under one roof (preferrably not the car roof), and not spending most of your nights shuttling each other around to unnecessary (and stressful) events for your children.  It will only leave you frustrated, frazzeled, always tired, and potentially bitter. 

Make an effort to have peace and enjoy the life you’ve chosen.  Notice your husband… admire him in what he’s accomplishing at work or in life.  Encourage him, men so need this from their wife as life can be SO discouraging!

You want your actions to say “We are a team and I support you!” not “You are a nuisance, don’t bother me!”

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