Don’t Let Another Define You

She is free – not by disobeying the rules but by obeying them.”

Eve’s daughters are as flowers and none can ever say they are through unfolding.  And what man can predict the consummate end of such a life when it’s ultimate center is Sharon’s Rose?

Elisabeth Elliot

Don’t ever stop growing – in fact, if you want, you never have to be done growing as long as you live.  Every experience, every phase of your life is there, meant to help you become all that you can be – to become who you really and truly are. 

It’s important to understand yourself, who you are. 
Other people may  will try to define you in this world, don’t let their interpretations limit what you want to become, or squelch who you really are.

Some people are great at believing they know what you are thinking, doing, or even how you should be feeling – as if they climbed into your head, looked around and decided they could speak for you.  According to the founder of the Evans Interpersonal Communications Institute in Alamo, California, Patricia Evans, people assault your psychic boundary of who you know you are when they act in this way.  They might have good intentions, however, they are not in the right to decide they know better how you are feeling or thinking.

You have your own reality based on your experiences in life – and the only way to be healthy is to align it with the reality of the world, and not deny what you truly feel inside, but acknowledge yourself. 

“As you grow in self-awareness from childhood to adulthood, your self-definition will expand to include more than it did when you were a child….

“You can discover new talents and interests at any age.  People who stay open to their inner inclinations and remain true to themselves commonly discover more about themselves throughout their life.  After their physical growth is complete, their psychic expansion continues.  Their awareness becomes ever deeper, broader, and more comprehensive, if they allow it.

In the process of defining yourself, you build your identity and at the same time you create an unseen parameter that includes all that is  not physical about you.  This unseen parameter is your psychic boundary.”  (Patricia Evans)

The only other option is to not be aware of who you truly are, which would be a difficult and sad existence!  You don’t want to live that way – it is much better to acknowledge yourself – what is TRUE of yourself – and grow from there. 

Never stop growing, you’ll thank yourself later.   😉


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