Style Revised: My son’s sense of style

“We all need a splash of bad taste….
No taste is what I’m against.”

Diana Vreeland, fashion editor icon

My son, ever since he was acutely aware of his surroundings (circa 18 months old) has always known what he wanted to wear, right down to the particular piece and exact color. He seems to wake up with a picture in his mind of what he wants to look like for the day, and nothing I personally pick is usually good enough to suit him. He will wear what I deem unfashionable, and usually over my dead body. It has driven me crazy, made us late in the morning, and often continues to make us late anywhere we go!

There was even one incident where I made him cry and get worked up over my insistence that he had to find a particular color sock on his own – he insisted he needed blue socks that morning. After an epic tantrum, he finally found it at the bottom of the laundry basket I hadn’t folded yet. It’s important to me that he realizes the reality of his imaginations – blue socks, when one is no where to be found, take time and effort to find – and he’s not going to be spoiled.

It wasn’t until recently when we were getting ready to go out that I had picked out a quite admittedly, preppy outfit that looked cute and adorable to me, with stylish cargo pants with a california-style polo (colors brown, turquoise, pink, and orange). He frowned when he saw it, immediately his perfect nose turned up and he set out to find an outfit for himself. Mommy doesn’t get my style. He rejected the clothes I picked out and found his own, again, making me both a little hurt and yet proud of his bold choices and ability to stick to his guns.

The final result? Navy corduroy pants, and a white short-sleeved shirt with navy rimmed neck and sleeves, navy and blue patterned-print on the front and back. It was admittedly extremely stylish, taking him from my choice de JC Penney’s catalogue cuteness, to his own le  J Crew’s polished sleekness. Remember though, this kid’s 3.

With an attitude like that of Karl Lagerfeld, I’m proud of my stylish little man, even if it does mean my own sense of style isn’t good enough for him lol.

He walks to the beat of his own drum, (literally his own toy drum), and I couldn’t be happier or more proud to be his Mommy.

For Karl Lagerfeld quotes, please, indulge yourself:


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