A Pair of Manolo Boots

My husband and I were on date night (which have become few and far between unfortunately) and we were giddy with finally being out alone – away from everything. We were eating some cheap fast food, sitting on the side of a wall in an indoor mall in town, teasing each other and laughing and generally having a good time when suddenly someone walked by and gave us a look. It was such a snobby look! Then I realized what wall we were sitting against – we were surrounded by Saks Fifth Avenue.

I have nothing against Saks, they are the epitome of beauty and fashion, even though I will never – ever – understand their pricing scale. My mom used to find adds in the newspaper put out by Saks asking for worn jeans, etc. – they then took the worn-other peoples’ jeans and embroidered them, be-jeweled them, or made them look even more distressed by possibly running them over with a Hummer. Either way, when they were done with these 2nd hand jeans, the price tag was usually well over $100 upwards, and sometimes even over $200.

After the sales person walking by had given us the look, I started to notice the shop windows around us (I generally don’t notice my surroundings – this has been detrimental as it assists in me getting lost without any effort whatsoever lol). I saw in a window, on a pedestal, with a gleaming light shining down, the perfect pair of stilleto black boots. Time stopped, it was the perfect “cute meet” of boy meets girl (or um… boots meet girl), and true love ensues.

My husband caught my stare (that or my mouth was slightly open in awe), and asked if I wanted to go in. Of course! I had to know what they were charging for these perfect black boots! When we went inside the sales clerks, probably sensing that we have no money, smiled politely, but left us on our own – which was better considering my reaction to the price. As we approached the table with the light shining down like a beacon on the black boots raised up on their stand, we tried to guess how much the boots cost, well over a hundred obviously, you think over $200? Maximum $500. I picked up the boot, it felt like soft cashmere on my skin – how heavenly. I turned it over to view the price – and to my horror, it was $1,349.00 – a mortgage payment for a pair of boots! My eyes must’ve revealed my utter shock – thank God I didn’t have a heartattack in the middle of Saks – could you imagine the headlines? We put the boot back. I laughed and told my husband I was scarred for life!

Walking away we held each other and laughed at the insanity. Never again will I drool over a pair of Manolo boots. Unless I win a lottery, then we’ll talk ;).


  1. The prices are just ridiculous. I made my then girlfriend a dress from a Vogue Pattern designed by Tracy Reese. We met for a date and she wanted to try it on. A nearby Nordstroms allowed her to use the fitting room. While she changed, I noticed a similar dress in tha same colors for $450.00!
    When you women go into those stores you might as well have a sign on your back that says kick me! The truth is you can sew your own dress for a fraction of the cost. It will look better, be of better construction and fit better than store boughten clothes.

  2. Sometimes Mike gives me tasks to do for the day (keeps me out of trouble). Today I was told to “do something fun before 2:00”.
    I might just go shoe shopping! Bwhahahaha!!!
    (in reality, he’s pretty safe and he knows it, I’m WAY too cheap to spend that kind of money on shoes) 😛

  3. AMEN to making dresses and clothes! I never knew how fun it could be! And you can do it for gifts for kid’s birthdays… and yes, it’s only a fraction of the cost!

    Where do you find your fabric and do you buy it in bulk to save costs? To me that is the most expensive (well other than laces and crochet overlays, ribbons, etc. but you never need much of them).

  4. Michael Levine (lowpricefabric.com) has good deals on major holidays (20% off). His service is great. Huge selection of fabrics.
    Fabric.com has good inexpensive fabric but there service can be erratic. If you buy fabric on sale days, they have the disappointing habit of emailing you 2 days later to say they are out of stock.
    Nevertheless their prices are very low.
    Both of these online stores carry an enormous selection of fabric.
    Wawak supplies sewing notions only. However the prices are cheaper than JoAnn or Hancock Fabrics, even when you use coupons! Heck they are cheaper than my wholesale supplier!

    Dragongly, I encourage you to join the American Sewing Guild. You can get discounts on many classes, patterns and notions.

    I do buy my fabric wholesale from Riley Blake Designs, out of Sandy, Utah. They do primarily quilting cotton but their spandex jersey is of excellent quality. It is made in Korea. There is a minimum purchase of $1000.00 a year. You must buy $1000.00 worth of notions and fabric each year to get the wholesale prices.

  5. Update:
    I got to try out a Babylock Maria (A Line series) mechanical sewing machine. Wow is it nice! Runs much smoother than my expensive Janome.
    The woman bought it on sale for $279.00 ( I think).
    The Babylock machines have an extensive collection of feet too.
    I am not afiliated with the company. I just think it’s a good machine.

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