I’m 27. I actually love getting older, with each year comes more wisdom, peace, happiness, and authenticity with accepting everything I am and have come to be.

About a year ago I met a woman who is exactly 10 years older than me (almost to the date), she was beautiful, took care of her body, seemed to know and understand herself well enough – but after really getting to know her over several months talking to her daily (work relationship), I was sad to find that although she loves herself and seemed so confident and even exuded a youthfulness about her that would make her seem – 10 years younger – yet she had the worst attitude – it was disappointing and shocking. As I got to know her better I found she was competitive, jealous, envious, boastful, critical, and pessimistic. It shocked me in my ridiculous naivete (I’ve got to get rid of that!) because I like to believe people become better, more beautiful even, in their age. Its always been like a “becoming” to me – I’ve never been afraid of it and have always looked forward to it. Of course that may change once I get to a certain point and look back on my youth and wish to have that kind of skin/hair as I once did, but I truly aspire to “aging gracefully” – accepting it wihtout agonizing over it – because agonizing over something you can’t control is just, well, ridiculous!

Here’s to the woman I want to become and am still working on becoming:

* a woman who loves herself, but cares and loves about other people and their own personal development and growth more.

* a woman who isn’t afraid, or if she is, still works hard to surpass any fear – that’s what true courage is anyway – not the absence of fear, but the bravery of acting in the midst of it.

* a woman who takes care of her husband, blessing him in all that she does – in how she communicates with him, how she respects him and treats him, how she loves him and takes care of herself understanding that taking care of herself is actually taking care of him as well.

* a graceful woman, one who isn’t easily disturbed by things or people, because she knows what truly matters and keeps a good head on her shoulders with a good helping of common sense

* a woman who cares about her health and body and beauty – who doesn’t put this on the back burner thinking it actually isn’t important. She beautiful on the inside, but also takes care of herself and they way she looks on the outside.

* a light-hearted, happy woman, who loves to laugh and teases her children and husband playfully… never succumbing to bitterness or envy of other successful or beautiful women.  A woman is secure in herself, and in her beauty.

* a woman who doesn’t judge others or hold them up to the same standards she holds herself (she knows her life is a personal choice), yet loves to teach or inspire other women in their life choices.  She seeks to be a model, not a critic to others.  Comparisons (either up or down) have no place in her heart, she accepts people as they are – and they can feel this love when they are in her presence.

All these things are encompassed in the Proverbs 31 woman – a beautiful, sensible wife and mother, business owner, partner, lover to her husband, advice giver, listener, friend, role model, hard worker, fearless, strong, happy, a carer for the poor.  I want to grow more and more into this woman – God is developing me, growing me, like a beautiful garden that only gets more beautiful with each season and year it grows through.

Here’s to happy growing – and aging gracefully.

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