I have a confession: I am obsessed with beauty.  You never know how weird (or shall I say, interesting?) you are, until you try to explain your obsession to someone who doesn’t know or understand you. 

I came across this notion of realizing just how strange one’s own obsessions can be when trying to explain mine to my dad (who truly does understand me).  I haven’t lived at home in years, and explaining something so strange (obsession with beauty) to him was still hilariously difficult. 

 I love looking at pictures of beautiful people – particularly, and I have no idea why, pictures of beautiful women.  Not naked pictures or anything like that – although the body is beautiful, I’m not attracted to women – only to the beauty of a woman as compared to a man.  It might seem sexist, and I have seen “beautiful” men, but I feel like beauty is more easily caught (or more regularly caught) from a woman.  I just love seeing beauty eminate from a person, and Eve afterall, was the masterpiece of God’s creation.  His own beauty is represented in her – eminating outward and strengthened, even enhanced through beauty of character.

Beauty from the inside has a hard time not radiating outward – through the skin – and I’m not talking Sk-II skin care!  Its in those moments – those pictures – that you can truly experience beauty.

Beauty speaks to your soul, it has the power to open your mind to what is, could be, or is yet to come.

To all things that are bright and beautiful.  Cheers.


(above Edita Vilkeciute)


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